Friday, November 13, 2009

~a gift For Me~

first time i made a pin cushion with holder,,,its called Stewobewi pin Cushion Wif HolDer,,,hahaha,,so it wil b easy for me to keep an eyes to my lil tiny needle and i can play swing2 wif it ..hehehehe...MoOd : xsangka sungguh leh BuAt,,,

i put some bead on it..*time ni tgh wajin . hahaha

thiz one not for sale la, but sumbody order me "saya nk mcm biha tp nk beso sikit bley tak??" * kata si penempah which is my beloved rOoMate Kak Shita Omey~ bley je kak. nnt da shiap shayer roger akak ya,,,hehhe,,

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